Westfield Infant School Community Defibrillator

Words & Image: Mrs Risorto
(Westfield Infant School)

Last year on Valentine’s Day, the whole school got our ‘Hearts Racing’ to raise money for a community defibrillator.

Following staff first aid training, including using a defibrillator, it was unanimously felt by the staff that having easy access to one would hugely increase the chances of saving someone’s life. This would benefit our whole school community on a daily basis, along with being accessible for our local community.

To raise funds, we had a sponsored obstacle course; which truly got our hearts racing and tested our stamina! Everyone came dressed in something red too, as it was Valentine’s Day and we then linked this to our artwork to raise the awareness of keeping our hearts healthy.

We were so overwhelmed with the support we received with the fundraising towards a school and community defibrillator. The feedback we had from so many people (parents, grandparents and local residents) regarding the project has been so heart-warming and positive.

The grand total raised was a phenomenal £3307.20!

So far, we have funded two defibrillators, one sited inside Westfield Infant School (accessible for anyone to use from the community whenever the school is open) and another community defibrillator outside the Storrs Road community rooms (accessible 24 hours a day). Our next project is to raise money to site another machine near Old Hall Junior School.

Having installed the defibrillators, the East Midlands Ambulance Service are going to run a training event on Thursday 21st March at 2pm to be held at Westfield Infant School. The school will be open from 1.45pm, via the gates off Vincent Crescent. Everyone is welcome to attend from our local community who is interested in learning more about how to use the machines.

A big thank you again to Westfield, parents, relatives and friends for getting behind this most worthy cause, which should go a huge way to increasing the chances of saving lives in our community.