S41 met S41

Words: Bekah Anstey
Images: Jez Revell

Come and see the radio station they said, I couldn’t say yes quick enough!

All things media related has been a passion for me from an early age, I studied media at college and loved every minute.

From splicing (yes, I’m that old) in the sound booth to creating and filming tv shows, I was in my element. I haven’t had much opportunity to do anything media related for a long time as life got in the way and I found a new career path. So, when Jez from S41 Radio offered a radio tour I jumped at the chance and was knocking at their door the next day.

I was surprised to hear that S41 radio was only launched in July 2017 in the corner of an office at Jez’s talent agency. Since then they have built an amazing studio for the main shows and an additional studio for S41 Radio Xtra, both of which look fantastic, Simon and I were desperate to get in the presenters’ seats. We did… and have photographic evidence to prove it.

The station has very similar aims to that of ours, they want to be involved in anything and everything Chesterfield has to offer and share this with the local community.

They like to support new start up businesses and offer free radio interviews to those of you that are happy to be live on the radio. With over 10,000 listeners this would be a great boost for any business, we are looking forward to doing our feature with Jez very soon.

We’re very much looking forward to working with S41 Radio and covering some live events together.