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Words: Paul Chapman
Images: Prime Vetinary

Dinu Catilina is the veterinary surgeon behind Prime Veterinary Practice – the newest practice in Chesterfield.

Being there for our clients and their pets means a 24/7 service to me and we are very proud to be able to offer out of hours care to our registered clients at our own practice.”

Born and raised in Transylvania, Dinu is a long way from home, but his life-long love for animals has led to a veterinary career which has recently involved the opening of their new, completely independent veterinary practice PRIME VETS, in Chesterfield.
Dinu is 14 years qualified and has worked for the last four years in a local practice, before that he was based in South Yorkshire. I asked what led him to make the jump from employee to owner? “Over the past few years there have been significant changes in the way many veterinary practices are run and owned” explained Dinu.

“Many of the independent practices are being bought out by big corporations, they may look like a local practice but actually they are part of something much larger. We are one of only two Chesterfield-based vets that are privately owned”

“I think this influences the relationship between clients and their vet. Out-of-hours support for example, may only be available from one practice in the group or outsourced to other clinics so should you have any problems you need to travel out of the area. It’s important to me that I get to know the animals and their owners and build a strong long-term relationship. Being there for our clients and their pets means a 24/7 service to me and we are very proud to be able to offer out of hours care to our registered clients at our own practice.”

PRIME can provide a wide range of services from routine work to advanced procedures. Dinu has an RCVS certificate in small animal surgery and enjoys doing advanced soft tissue and orthopaedic procedures for registered or referred clients. The practice also offers small animal reproduction services, being one of only five veterinary practices in the UK with canine semen banks.

Dinu is supported by his wife Lisa who helps run the practice, together with two very experienced registered veterinary nurses, Jenny Gibbons and Kayleigh Lievesley who complete the team.
Whilst I was there, it was clear to me that Dinu and Lisa care very much about the quality of care they offer. They spoke about the growth in the client base since their opening, all from recommendation. This was proven by my visit, cancelled the first time as they responded to an out-of-hours emergency caesarian followed by a full day of appointments.

The building has been completely refurbished, it’s clean tidy, contemporary and with ample parking to the rear. The reception is large and spacious with a modern homely feel.
“We want the practice to feel like it’s part of the community, it’s important for us to be the family vet of choice” explained Dinu.

“We opened in November last year and the first few months have been amazing” says Dinu. “People are so happy with what they find when they come through the door, their feedback is constantly telling us they feel relaxed, not rushed and they appreciate the longer appointments, this also means that waiting time is minimised … provided no emergencies arrive that is!”

As we finished, we had an interesting chat around community and the impact of large corporations on them. I feel like this team have it right. If you need services for your family pet please call down and see for yourself, and as always, be sure to mention where you saw them.

PRIME Veterinary Practice
T: 01246 236791