Photography In A Minute

Creative professional Manuel Delaflor offers his tips on creating perfect photos.

With this issue, we are presenting a series of articles related to photography, and we will start right from the beginning: The rules of composition. Forthcoming articles will always be interesting and use clear, non technical language. We hope you like them!

Rules of Composition
rule-of-thirds-450-x-300-v2Nowadays, almost everyone has a (sort of) camera with them at all times. We are talking about the ever-present “smartphone”, which most of the time includes not just one but two cameras; The “selfies” one and a “proper” one in the back. Now, even when we do enjoy family pictures without the need for them to be works of art, other times we would like our photos to look better. This mini-guide is designed to help us to achieve that goal!

1. The Frame
Remember, everything in the frame is YOUR responsibility. For me, this is the key element to photography. So, before shooting, observe, change your position or perspective, until the whole frame is in your creative control.

2. The rule of thirds
To help us achieve a nice composition this is one of the oldest rules in the book. It is better explained with an example.
Place your subject over each of the intersecting points on the grid until you find the composition that works best for the scene. Some cameras have this optional grid. They can display these lines, look for them in the settings!

3. Foreground, middle and background
Think about a photograph’s composition as having foreground, middle, and background elements. Everything counts towards the final image. Sometimes, like in Landscape Photography, you want everything to be in focus, some others like in a Portrait, our subject looks better when the background is blurred (we will explain how to achieve these things in a future article).
Manuel Delaflor ( is a Visual Artist, currently living in Chesterfield. He has won several competitions, and has exhibited his work in various countries in Europe and the Americas. At the moment he is working on a project of portraits with the Mexican Embassy in the UK and giving Workshops in the Peak District area and London.

To attend the classes and for all info go to and look for the group Holymoorside Photographic Workshops.

Words & Images: Manuel Delaflor