Penk Insurance – ‘We do business insurance too!’

img_7608 We often talk about the benefits of having local independent businesses and a case in point of how those benefits translate into tangible things is Penk Insurance.

Penk have been based in Chesterfield for almost 30 years. Jenny and David Penk, who own the business, live in Walton, employ local people who also spend their money locally and they do their bit for the community around them, sponsoring events, maintaining the planter outside their office and generally getting involved and doing positive things in the community – our community.
The insurance products they sell are competitively priced and they do the work for you to find that competitive price, no hours lost on the PC keying in details on the comparison websites, and something you might not know is that they offer a vast range of business insurance policies.  And for the business policies they offer a one to one, face to face service, to make sure you get the right cover in place… to make sure you don’t forget to cover something you need, and you don’t get excessive cover that’s not needed.

“We can cover mosdogshow16-1-1-2t aspects of insurance, private car, home, travel, commercial vehicles” says Jenny. “When we set up our business we focused on taxi and commercial insurances, it was niche and worked well, from this specialist base we’ve grown our products to cover all aspects of business insurance for all types of businesses.”

“We provide personal cover as well to our client base, we have all insurance services under one roof from home, buildings and contents (or individually) to vehicle and holiday/travel.”
If you run a business you might want cover for the staff that work for you, the business goods you own, any buildings, equipment and vehicles.

David, Jenny and the team at Penk would love to talk to you, there probably isn’t a business type they wouldn’t be able to cover, I should know, I use them for my liability and business cover for S40 Local.

How many times does the guy your talking to comment about the weather when you’re buying insurance over the phone? They’re checking on line to see what it’s doing. Not at Penk, if they want to talk local weather with you they simply look out of the window!

“We know and support many of our local businesses” says David “and we are keen to get to know many more and gain their trust.  When we are asked to provide policy quotes, our conversion rate is excellent, we’re always competitive and we get to know your business, to really understand what you need from your insurance cover and we can help and advise on the best way to achieve this.”
“If you’re going along to the Manor Fields dog show in October you might see us there, we sponsored the event last year and will be doing so again as part of the Chatsworth Road Festival” David enthuses. “We love this event, it’s a proper old fashioned, no frills gala. Pop up a gazebo, get some dog owners together and offer prizes for things like the ‘waggiest tail’ and ‘best treat catcher.’”

“It’s all about being part of the community, the staff at the office get involved and come along and we get to know people, at the same time they get to meet us and see the name.”

David and Jenny went on to tell me that they have regular ‘in office bake offs’ that help raise funds for local charities like Ashgate Hospice.

They are also keen to support new local ventures. Are you thinking about setting up a new business, a café, hairdressing salon, beautician, micro pub etc?  Whatever you’re thinking, Penk can help provide the right cover for you and can continue to support your business as it grows.  Same applies if you are already established, when your renewal comes up, don’t just auto renew or go online to a comparison site, give Penk a call or better still, call in and see them and chat over a cuppa. They’d love to meet you and provide a tailored service to ensure you’re correctly covered and chances are you’ll be at the start of a long-term relationship!

At the end of the day though the deciding factor for many of us will, of course, come down to price, but I don’t need much convincing that having someone else find me the best insurance deal is better than my session with a comparison site.

And I feel like I’m contributing to the local economy when that person lives just down the road!

Words: Paul Chapman
Images: Helen Rowan Photograpy & David Penk