Our Community

It’s really easy to fall into the habit of thinking everything in the world is bad and getting worse, especially if you follow the news. Personally, it can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming and I need to switch off.

I’m not denying bad things do happen BUT, there is another side and most people are generally good. Everyday people do kind, generous, helpful things, for their neighbours, in the community and occasionally for complete strangers.

People give up their time to volunteer to support charities, to offer activities for young people or do kind things for others.

In December we received an email from Pam Housley who wanted to thank a stranger who came to the aid of her elderly mother. The full email is shown below.

When we received the message it made us feel more positive about the community we live in. Remember how the news used to feature a happy story at the end before sharing the weather forecast?

This message was the equivalent.

S40 Local can share more positivity. Have you any thanks to share? Has someone stopped to help you, do you know someone doing something positive locally? Did someone return your pet, credit card, purse, key or done something kind and generous? Feel free to remain anonymous and to not mention names if you prefer, but we’d love to share your experiences or thanks and remind people that there are lots of good things going on in S40!

Drop me an email to paul@s40local.co.uk

“If you are able, then I would be very grateful if you could include a huge thank you to the very kind person who stopped to help my mum last night.
My mum lives close to the shops in Walton and at 10pm last night the wind had blown over her black bin which had been put out ready for collection the next morning. The contents were blowing around and the bin needed to be pulled back up to standing.
As my mum was picking up the rubbish a man who was driving by took the trouble to turn his car around and come back to help her to sort out the bin and its contents. He then insisted on ensuring that he escorted her back up the icy drive and left her in safety at her front door.
We don’t know the name of the kind stranger but would like him to know how very grateful we are for his kindness, thank you so very much. My mum was very touched that someone completely unknown to her would stop and take the trouble to help her in what wasn’t exactly a pleasant task. I hope that the kind person is also a reader of S40 Local so that they will know how much their kindness was appreciated.”

Quote from Pam Housley

Words: Paul Chapman