New Year New You?


Words: Paul Chapman
Images: Helen Rowan Photograpy

“I love to express myself through the use of different dance genres and I’ve made some friends for life through my love of dance.”

This month’s cover pic (courtesy of Helen Rowan Photography) features Ellie Sheppard, a student at Brookfield, who started dancing at the age of three and clearly loves to dance.
She’s been attending Kickers Dance School (Brampton) for the past 13 years and is passionate about dance.

“I’ve taken part in numerous pantomimes and compete every year in competitions with my dance troupe in the capital of dance … Blackpool” says Ellie.

“In the summer our troupe attended the Can You Dance convention, going on to win the regional finals with a very moving dance about the suffragette movement.”

Congratulations go to Ellie who has recently passed her dance examinations with a distinction. Right now, she’s in year 11 and is working hard towards her GCSEs. Her long-term plans are A levels and then she hopes to go on to dance college to pursue a career in the fabulous world of dance.

When asked what dancing means to her she enthusiastically replies “Everything! I dance four times a week and help out on Saturdays, this keeps me active and focused.

“I love to express myself through the use of different dance genres and I’ve made some friends for life through my love of dance.” What would you say to inspire others? “If you can dream it you can do it, come along to Kickers and see what we are all about.”

Ellie takes time out to dance, to practice, and to perfect her routines, her moves etc but how many of us spend the same time doing the things we love?

As adults our schedules are so hectic, and the same is true of many children. Every minute of every day feels like it’s planned out, making time to enjoy the things we do often feels selfish, but would we all benefit from making this time? Benefiting our own health, mental and physical wellbeing?

We all have unique ways to escape from the routine, whether it be reading, cooking, football, gaming, skydiving etc. But it’s important to set time aside for it, or to find a way to work it into the schedule so it becomes just what we do, something for the mind and body.

The simple things might help, at lunch perhaps, take a walk to the sandwich shop for instance, time away from the desk, headspace, easy going exercise.

If it’s something a bit more sporty you’re after, there are many gyms and fitness trainers locally, there is also a large green outdoor space (the Peak District) that’s free to use 24:7!

Find that sport that suits you, join a club, in this edition we’ve met dancer Ellie, we talk to Jo at Princes Sports Club about Squashfest and the drive to get youngsters into the sport and we have a brief history of the Chesterfield Panthers Rugby Club plus you could take a look at our regular events, there are loads of them.

Whatever it is, seek it out and try to take time for the simple things in 2019.
I’ll see you on the trails.