Laura Whitworth brings Quantum Healing Hypnosis to Chesterfield

Words & Images: Laura Whitworth

Quantum Healing Hypnosis is whipping up a storm all over the world! The late Dolores Cannon invented the technique. It takes the client on a hypnotherapy journey into their previous lives lived. To provide clarity on the individual’s current life circumstances and relief from physical and emotional discomfort.

What do Laura’s Clients think?

‘Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy allowed me to explore parts of my life that I have been rejecting. Laura is a gentle, patient and wise guide who helped me to unlock the next level of my personal evolution. So many transformations have occurred in just the few weeks that have followed, I’m truly blown away by both the experience and the genuine guidance Laura provides.’ Jo Jerodene, November 2018

‘I found the session absolutely mind blowing. I have a fear of water and have often dreamt of drowning. In my first past life, I found out that I had drowned which was remarkable. I also learnt my husband is my twin flame which is wonderful and this explains why we have been through so much as a couple and come through the other side. Laura was amazing. I felt like I’d known her for years as she made me feel so at ease. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.’ Sara Crawshaw, November 2018.

So this all sounds very intriguing, but who can it help? It can help everyone! Everyone wants to know more about themselves! But in particular, if you have physical ailments and are struggling to find relief that works, this technique is fantastic. Once you are under hypnosis, the Higher Self comes through and provides guidance as to why the illness or discomfort has manifested within the physical body. At this point I then provide suggestions which removes physical discomfort for the client. Also ailments in the physical body are often linked to emotional discomfort in the mind. Through use of this technique, I can heal the mind of the emotional discomfort which in turn provides relief for the body.

So it can provide relief for physical ailments and discomfort, what else can it do? It can also help people with phobias that they want to overcome. A lot of phobias are derived from things that have happened to the client in a past life. I can take the client to a past life to highlight where the phobia came from and heal the fear. Thus impacting the client in this life as they no longer hold the fear. Also it can provide you with more confidence within your life, as through exploring who you have been in previous lives, you can realise who ‘you are.’ It’s like a spa day but for the soul!

Spa day for the soul? So it could be like a Christmas Gift with a difference! Exactly! How many people in Chesterfield can say they have had a past life regression! A Christmas present with a real difference as it has the power and potential to change your life. Imagine giving someone a Christmas gift where they can find out more about themselves and heal physical or emotional discomfort within the body at the same time! What a fantastic present!

So what do people need to do to book one of these sessions with you for their loved ones, and what do they get to wrap up? Call me on 07950 619924. When they pay for the session I will provide them with an Information Card and Christmas Card to wrap up for their loved one. They can book the session date with me when they pay for the present. Or they can leave the session date blank and then the loved one can call me and book a convenient date later.
How much are these sessions and how long do they last? It’s a spa experience for the soul as you will feel refreshed and with a new lease of life after! Whilst providing therapy which is tailored specifically for the client. The session lasts 5 hours with me at my office in North Wingfield and the session costs £120. I record the sessions too so the client has a permanent record of the healing and guidance provided.
To book a session with Laura Whitworth please call/text 07950 619924 or email