Just Andrew

JustAndrew is a Youtuber/aspiring director with 450 subscribers, working around the local area, who’s entrancing vlogs are a glitch-infueled wonder to behold. The vlogs which he started doing in May of last year consist of surprisingly good electronic music, (not dance music, so calm down) timelapses, random cuts and weird artistic shots of buildings. (Which is definitely not a casey neistat rip-off at all.) While he doesn’t say much, instead saving his words for insightful comments such as ‘I like these signs,’ and ‘We’re at a food tasting festival, to see what we can taste.’ The vlogs serve more as a diary for the world itself, showcasing the parts of life you might take for granted. While this removal from anything human might seem rather counter-productive for a YouTube channel, I personally think this works in his favour, making it seem far more personal than if he did talk, instead seeming much more intimate, almost as if he is letting you into snapshots of his life.

This works particularly well, As he works in and around Chesterfield, and is highlighting different areas you’d recognise but wouldn’t necessarily think about. It also works well as a time capsule, keeping Chesterfield frozen, serving as a reminder to our generation, and upcoming ones that things will change. As if some lonely kid in the 2050s’ll stumble across them one day. Though on a more positive note, as he posts about things like food festivals and Chatsworth, its nice to see things like that illuminated in his rather interesting style, which brings local events to life.


Words & Layout
Amy Ritchie
Brookfield Work Experience Student