Hard Hat Day @ St Thomas’ Church Tower

The flyer said ‘Have you ever wondered what it feels like to view the world from a scaffolding platform?’

I was invited along on a Hard Hat Tour of the work taking place at St Thomas’ Church Tower. Heritage Lottery funded, the work is being done to secure the four pinnacles at

the corners of the main church tower and remove an ageing old strap system that was installed in the past to secure the old stonework.

It was a fascinating tour and with a difference. When I agreed to go I didn’t think about how I’d be getting to the top!  However the ladders up through the scaffold were soon despatched and the view from the top was one I’d not seen before … and am unlikely to see again.

The work is progressing well and Michael Sheppard, conservator, took us through the technicalities of the project which they expect to complete by the end of August.

It was fantastic to see the view, (see pictures) before we climbed back down to terra-firma.

Thanks to the team at St Thomas’ Church for the invite.

Words: Paul Chapman