Derbyshire Open Arts

26 May to 3 June 2018


Thinking of refreshing your walls, home or outfits? Well hold on a wee bit as Derbyshire Open Arts is coming soon. Artists are busy getting ready to open their studios, or group together in bigger venues to show their new work. So get your diaries out and pencil in a trip or several trips out over the end of May Bank Holiday.

To whet your appetite, take a look at the website where you can browse over 100 artists showing across Derbyshire – South, North, West and East. For some artisans this is the first time they have shown, or the only time or main show they do in the year, so it is a very special opportunity to get to see their work.


Local to S40 there are artists dotted around the town and beyond.



In Holymoorside, where we have over 10 artists showing over two venues: United Reform Church (URC) and the Village Hall with hardy perennials including: Jerry Daniels (photography), Sarah Parkin (Derbyshire watercolour landscapes), Trudy Roe (prints), Valda Sampson (paintings and textile work), Gwenda Culkin (textiles) and Sarah Sharpe (paintings and prints). Roger Allen (watercolour landscapes) who is back after a year’s break and Lesley Platt (painting and embroidery) from Great Longstone. We have two newcomers and first-time-showers to Holymoorside: William Vaudin, looking very promising at the tender age of 18 (drawing and digital art) and Chesterfield jewellers, Alison and Catherine, they will sort out your silver needs. Don’t forget to pop into the URC over the road where we have another group showing including Ann Robson (woven textiles), Dianna Lee (woodgrain art, murals, illustration) and Barbara Coulam (Glass), Eilean Wilding (art textiles) and Sheila Baldock (watercolour/mixed media).

Derbyshire Open Arts event is an excellent way to meet a variety of people interested in art and see their work. As one of the artists showing, I can tell you I love showing my work in this way. You get to talk face to face.

DOA is very inclusive so there is a wide variety of work on show and it often gets people started on their creative career. When you pick up your free brochure available from lots of places including your local library you will see ‘hotspots’ where there are groups and individuals such as in Darley Dale, Buxton, Glossop, Eggington, Bakewell, Cromford and Swanwick, the list goes on.

I like showing at Holymoorside, in particular, as the people are friendly and helpful, and the space is light and big enough to show larger paintings as well as space to show smaller products such as framed prints, mugs and cards. We can also fit quite a few in so it makes a good destination for people wanting to get a few viewings under their belt. We also have a team of volunteers running the refreshments for local charities- cakes and light lunches. The other group venues are often run in a similar way, thus you should be able to make several days out.

Top tip on planning your trip is to have a look for the ‘plus’ symbol, which means you have a longer time slot going beyond the Bank Holiday to the second weekend. For example, Xenmint Art Collective Chesterfield is open for longer.

All in all, get ready for a grand tour of Derbyshire!

We all look forward to welcoming you.

Words: Sarah Parkin