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S40 Local’s website is due a makeover, but how does a small business achieve this?

Issue no. 55 – July 2014.

Words by Paul Chapman.

If the phrase SEO conjures up an image of SPAM emails from dodgy sounding companies and individuals, trying to sell their services, then join the club.

But during a conversation with Liam Jacques of Brampton Picture Framers I started to become a bit more curious about how SEO services could help.

Liam told me how he’d approached designing and that by understanding the importance of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) their site now sees significant traffic from search engines, and as a result how his businesses has seen a large expansion in revenue from online sales both in the UK and even worldwide.

Search engine optimisation is all about improving your website in such a way that it appears higher up the Google rankings, when people do searches for the products that you offer. It’s based on a system of understanding the algorithms that Google employs for ranking websites, and these change all the time. To rank highly Google assess the currency and credibility of your content, the relevance against the search criteria etc… and the way you improve those rankings can be through website changes but also by the way your site links to other content and through paid for or promoted rankings. Google takes over 200 different factors into consideration when positioning your site in the search results pages for any given search query. Improving these areas of a website means the algorithm will rank your website higher, bringing in new customers and sales. It’s a pretty complex area and that’s why you have to pay people with expertise in this area to help you.

At S40 Local we’ve been thinking about how we can provide a better online experience, both for people looking for business and services and for finding out what’s on. We also want to improve the chances of our advertisers being the people you find if you do a search for a business. So, if you’re searching for a plumber in Chesterfield, we want it to be an S40 Local plumber on the S40 Local website that you find and call. If you want to know what’s going on in the area at the weekend, we want you to be able to use S40 to find the latest events, and also give you easy access to our articles and the other elements that you use in S40 Local.

Plus, if you’ve visited S40 Local online recently you might have noticed we’re having a few problems, as the software needs upgrading and keeps being hacked.

We approached Liam for advice and he put us in touch with Guy Tomlinson. We were wary of approaching a professional web design and SEO service, being a small business we have limited funds available. But working with Guy we’ve explored the possibilities of what we can do within our budget and agreed a way forward for improving the online experience and our Google ranking.

Guy works with Jeff, a website designer, so we’ve kicked off the first stage in the process and have just seen our first designs, it will be a little longer before you see them but watch this space.

If you’re looking for support with web design, search engine optimisation and social media, you can contact SEO CoPilot on 01246 540869 or 07843 938 731.