Close at Heart S41 Local Hero: Joe Robinson

“At 16 I was working at Sports Division in Chesterfield, going out having fun with friends and probably causing havoc.” States Joe. “I would never have had the capability to start an amazing social action project with the involvement of over 1,400 locals.”
But Joe Robinson from Bolsover School is doing just that! Joe has launched a campaign to show our local community where they can find a defibrillator, this started off as a local project covering Chesterfield quickly gaining momentum and support. in Just a few months the project now spans from Barnsley to Leicester and shows no signs of stopping there!

‘I started out wanting to tell people about defibrillators and that they’re easy to use, you can’t really do it wrong.

Joe started this project in December, and it is going from strength to strength. I met with Joe and his family at his home and this is what they had to say. ‘I started out wanting to tell people about defibrillators and that they’re easy to use, you can’t really do it wrong. The instructions are all there and people shouldn’t be afraid to use them when needed ‘this grew to telling people where they can find one, I then launched the defibrillator map, it is a map available online that shows exactly where you can find one. I was surprised to see that some local councils use old phone boxes to store them. You can also find them in lots of Co-op stores, gyms and leisure centres’

Joe launched The Tom Henson Charity Defibrillator map after losing his brother in 2018 to a Congenital Heart Disease.

Shortly after this he realised he had no idea where to find a defibrilator in an emergency situation. This led Joe on a quest to create a map of all the defibrilators in Chesterfield, publishing there locations with the hope of savings lives.
Tom was 23 years old and is Joe’s motivation to help others and spread the message of where you can find a defibrillator.

With almost 1,400 followers on facebook and support from Look North, BBC news Derby, Radio Sheffield and Spire Radio I can see that the message is being spread far and wide.
As well as spending most of his spare time on this project Joe is also focusing on his exams and working towards his dream of becoming a paramedic.

Joe is an inspiration to others and we wish him the best of luck with this amazing project, it was a pleasure to spend some time with him hearing about all the fantastic work he is doing for our community.

In remembrance of Tom a memorial fund has been created. So far it has raised enough money to purchase a defibrilator to be placed at Carr Vale Unted Football Ground, where Tom would often play the sport he loved. Donations can be made at:
Joe is continuing to expand his map and has a visiion where every defibrilatior in the UK is listed and accessible to the public.
Follow on facebook at @The Tom Henson Charity Defib Map.