Brampton Therapy Centre

You may have noticed a new business on Chatsworth Road.  Once a terraced house near Morrisons it’s now the home of Brampton Natural Therapy Centre, a therapy centre offering Osteopathy, Hypnotherapy, Fertility and conception treatment, Hypnobirthing and Massage therapy and other natural therapies.

Brampton Therapy Logo

It’s the new premises of Robin and Ellena Outram, previously called Moorland Natural Therapy Centre, they changed their name to better suit their new location.
It’s the latest change for Robin, whose career changing moment came ten years ago.  Robin explained “I went along for treatment on my back and was chatting to my Surrey based osteopath, who’d been an air stewardess.  Under the desk sat a chocolate Labrador and I thought ‘any job where I can make people feel so well after treatment and take my dog to work is worth looking at’.
Robin gave up his job in IT, went to Oxford to retrain in Osteopathy and qualified in 2009.  He moved back to Chesterfield with his wife and brought his father-in-law up from South-East London and the family started to expand.

Working from home it wasn’t long before work was getting in the way of family life.  “I was working from home in Walton on Redgrove Way and needed to improve access to the treatment room so started looking at extending.  My wife Ellena, who’d also made a career change, previously a contracts manager at Thames water, retrained in hypnotherapy after being inspired by the support she received during our first child’s birth!” says Robin.

“With us both offering therapies and treatments we needed premises and found 349 Chatsworth Road in January this year.  Following a complete refurbishment of the property we opened for business on 2 February.  We celebrated by inviting the Mayor to cut the ribbon, had some drinks and nibbles and offered some free treatments.”
“By offering a range of disciplines at the centre we’re able to offer more holistic support.”

In the osteopathy field Robin specialises in lower back problems “symptoms can be as adverse as hand and feet problems, headaches which can be attributed to back problems and general poor function of the body”.

“I’ve treated people from six weeks to 95 years old, babies suffering from colic, restlessness, sleep problems and so much more, many people turn to osteopathy for help.”
“Physiotherapy considers muscles, chiropractors focus on bone structure but I think that osteopathy sits in the middle.  We’re able to assess and diagnose, other disciplines need others to diagnose before referring for treatment.”

“Hypnotherapy is great for weight loss, birth, fear controls, phobias, giving up smoking etc, it’s a long list” says Robin.  “We’ve now started to offer reflexology after additional training.  All Ellena’s skills can be used for pregnancy and it’s an area we’re keen to offer as a specialism.”
“The new centre also offers sports therapist services, a chiropodist is coming on board with 30 years’ experience and they’re looking for other people to get involved who can offer complementary services to those already available.”

It was good to catch up with Robin and see how the business is expanding.  I like to think that some of this is down to those of you who have seen his adverts in S40 Local, picked up the phone and made an appointment.  For this both Robin and I would like to pass on our thanks.

63 – May 2015
Words: Paul Chapman