Barlow Red ‘B’arrows? – At local events near you this summer!

fullsizerender“One of the premier aerobatic display teams, representing the speed, agility and precision of…” wait a minute there was a mistype in my Google search, this was the Red Arrows!
Clearly, the Barlow Red Barrows have a lot to live up to…

I went to meet David Johnston at the Tickled Trout, who set me straight. “We are a squadron, a bunch of 13 pilots at the moment, fitness isn’t important, we’re not actual pilots, we’re fuelled by beer, bacon butties, chips etc.  Squadron HQ is right here at The Tickled Trout in Barlow. We’re ground based, moving at speed, a bunch of men dressed in blue tights, white shorts and red shirts dancing with red wheel barrows and this year we’ll have smoking barrows, red white and blue just like the real thing!”

It sounds hilarious.

The Barlow Red Barrows (BRBs) started in 2013 after David remembered seeing a group about 40 years ago in the Lake District.  “It took me a while to find a likeminded group but we got together and entered the 2013 Barlow Carnival where we won the event together with £350 prize money which split between Ashgate Hospice and Bluebell Wood” says David.

Word spread about the good work the guys were doing and people started paying them to do carnivals and arena events, Simon from the BRB has cycled Lands End to John O’Groats raising funds, all money raised being donated to local charitable causes.

They are doing a fantastic job raising money for charity causes, they’ve held back tie dinners and raised funds to support Lucas, a local boy who suffers from leukaemia and over the past four years have supported charities including Clic Sergeant who provide accommodation for patients with cancer raising £3500 for the house in Sheffield, £5000 for Cry, a charity for cardiac risk in the young (14 to 35) and this year they are aiming to raise £6000 for Amy’s house, who provide respite care for children with severe special needs.

The group now have roadies, music systems and perform to a lively commentary.  They have a string of events booked and will be appearing at:

  • Barlow Carnival on 19 August
  • Hope Arena Show on 28 August
  • Eyam Carnival on 2 September

Look out for the BRB at one of the above events or perhaps book them for your event next year, and if you do see them please try and support them and the great job they do raising money for deserving local charities.