I am Paul Chapman. I was previously a project manager for a big computer company, but got disillusioned at the outsourcing of skills and jobs to India, so opted for redundancy. I did a stint painting and decorating before setting up the magazine in 2009.

I am supported by a small but essential team of freelances, Gareth Simmonds – designer, Hannah South – accounts, Nicola Harris – photographer, Jeff – web designer, Louise – my proof reader, my distributors who go out in all weathers to post the magazine through 8,200 doors! And my wife Nicola, who writes, edits and will often say “what’s going on there?” and sends me off to find out.

I get pulled into all sorts of other things, which means I am always very busy and sometimes forget things but I do try not to!


cover - march 2009 - v15 090311 FINAL

The Very First Edition of S40 Local. March 2009