At S40 Local we believe that by telling people what’s going on in our local community and by encouraging people to support local businesses, we can improve where we live for everyone.

The magazine gernates an income by offering people the opportunity to advertise their Chesterfield businesses either in the printed magazine or on line in the business directory.

That means:

  • Encouraging people through editorial and articles to support independent businesses in preference to multinationals. By spending more money with a local business we keep more money in the local economy; that money then gets spent in the local economy and everyone benefits…
  • Telling people about local events, activities, clubs, societies, charities etc… so these activities are well supported, successful and people feel included a sense community and belonging.

Printing a magazine is expensive and as it takes up so much time is my full time job. We need to make enough money to cover the costs so we sell advertising space in 10 printed magazines a year. This covers those costs and has recently enabled me to pay some people to work with me, distributors, a designer and someone to help with the accounts.

The magazine is printed in Buxton, just a 25 minute drive away, part of the ethos of keeping it local. S40 Local is based in a lovely new studio space, the West Studios at Chesterfield College. After spending five years working from a small office at home, just off the kitchen, I was looking for a place to ‘come to work’ again.

I distribute 8200 magazines, 10 times a year and get fantastic feedback from lots of people.

It exists because… in 2009 I was painting and decorating, it was start of the recession and my work was slowing down. I needed somewhere to advertise, but couldn’t find a publication that I felt was suitable for my needs – local, good value and good quality. My first edition was 16 pages long and just covered it costs, but since then it has grown and become established at 84 to 88 pages. I like to keep the costs of my smallest advert really reasonable so it’s accessible to everyone – you can buy an advert for £25.

I am Paul Chapman. I was previously a project manager for a big computer company, but got disillusioned at the outsourcing of skills and jobs to India, so opted for redundancy. I did a stint painting and decorating before setting up the magazine.

I am supported by a small but essential team of freelances, Kelly Bond – designer, Beccy Edgar (Beccy’s Books) – accounts, Nicola Harris, photographer… Jeff and Guy are my web team, my distributors who go out in all weathers to post the magazine through 8,200 doors! And my wife Nicola, who writes, edits and will often say “what’s going on there?” and send me off to find out.

I get pulled into all sorts of other things, which means I am always very busy and sometimes forget things but I do try not to!

If you’re interested in advertising your Chesterfield business in S40 Local, please get in touch.

cover - march 2009 - v15 090311 FINAL

The Very First Edition of S40 Local. March 2009