A little bit festive?

Words & Image: Paul Chapman

Chesterfield seems to be getting into the festive spirit, the town centre lights are on and the S40 Local What’s On is swelling to epic proportions with Christmas events.

There are Christmas Tree Festivals at St Mary’s Church, the crooked spire (23 November to 2 December) and at St Thomas’ (7 to 9 December)… S40 work in progress tree pictured! Perhaps join the Somersall Park Lantern Parade (6 December) if you prefer an outdoors event and meeting neighbours and friends, the parade kicks off from the Morrison’s end of Walton Dam at 6:15pm then moves along past Walton Dam and into the park for music and refreshments.

Visits to Santa are cropping up all over, and there are markets, carol concerts and church services aplenty detailed in the what’s on.

The Brampton Food Market at St Thomas’ (1 December) has additional craft stalls where you may pick up Christmas gifts and stocking fillers.

For Christmas entertainment don’t forget the pantomime at the Pomegranate.

In recent years we’ve also encouraged giving something back over the Christmas period, and if you’re thinking of doing this, consider supporting the Toy Appeal (page 64), making extra donations to local food banks (St Thomas’ have a collection point), donating to charity shops during your pre-Christmas clear-out or just practicing being a little kinder and more considerate during advent; holding doors open, parking considerately, supporting local shops, using less plastic and spreading Christmas cheer. Happy Christmas!