13 Bends Design

2017-11-19-10-41-16Meet Kelly Bond designer, illustrator, part of the team at S40 Local, singer… and a busy mum.

For those of you who regularly drive out to Bakewell, you’ll perhaps see where the name for Kelly Bond’s graphic design business, 13 BENDS DESIGN came from. A local reference with a creative feel, and the next stop on our virtual tour of West Studios.

Kelly doesn’t have a full-time space at the studios, she is self-employed, but also supports me with S40 Local, doing advert design, layout and illustrating the fantastic cartoons that we feature. Check out this Christmas cartoon opposite (I do have to express my thanks to Kelly for the cartoons, they always show support for the businesses around Chatsworth Road and I am really grateful).


I first met Kelly almost 9 years ago when I visited a local print company to get a quote to print the first S40 Local, “I remember you coming in” she often tells me, “I liked the idea of what you were doing” so it’s great for me to know that she’s so supportive of what we do, and I think it shows in the work she does and the support she give S40 Local.
“13 Bends Design focuses on graphic design, illustration & print solutions for small businesses” Kelly explains. “I want to open up the doors to the sole traders and new start-ups, to ensure they can gain access to a professional design service at a price that’s realistic and affordable.

“My customers range from local tradesmen to small professional businesses such as salons, restaurants, bars & theatre companies. It’s so important for a business to be consistent with their branding and I like to offer lots of services under one roof to ensure a corporate look and feel. Kelly works with lots of local businesses to Chatsworth Road – “It’s important to me that my customers are local, it feels right! I’m very lucky to have such wonderful clients and I’m very grateful for their continued support!”

Kelly started out as a cartoonist’s apprentice straight from school, “whilst my friends enjoyed the holidays I went immediately into the work environment, finishing school on Friday and starting work on Monday! Attending West Notts College to study graphic design in the evenings. In this first job I was working with many greetings card and publishing companies. At the age of 16 I was seeing my illustrations and cartoons in print. I am very grateful for the training I had as a youngster.”

“I spent five years here learning as much as I could before deciding to branch out into the sign design industry where I picked up many skills. including the dying art of screen printing!’ “I then went on to work with local design and print companies before eventually setting up on my own as 13 BENDS DESIGN in July 2016.”

At this time I was looking for someone to help at S40 Local on a freelance basis, dipping in and out as work required. A friend of Kelly pointed out my Facebook post and it was just a few weeks before Kelly started helping with S40.

Kelly’s creative skills don’t start and end with a graphics tablet though, she also sings in a local band The Shambles. Her partner Chris is a luthier (he makes and repairs guitars, Chris Sheldon Guitar Repairs) and he plays in the band alongside Kelly who leads on vocal. If you follow the local music scene chances are you’ve heard Kelly sing, although just recently performing has taken a back seat as she has two small children and her business to focus on.

“We will continue to support local charities with our music” says Kelly. “We’re booked to play at the ‘Get Lilia Movin’ black tie event in February, and in the past we have supported Becky Measures and her wonderful charity The Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline. We try to help where we can for local charities and community projects.

For now she is driven and focused on 13 BENDS DESIGN currently working on her website to be launched in early 2018. Through this she’s hoping to open up the  illustration side of her business to a wider market.

If you’re in need of design support for your present business, or are thinking about starting up a new business and don’t know where to start with a logo, a business card or any element of your branding, please give Kelly a buzz or drop her an email. Who knows, she might just recommend a fantastic local magazine in which you could advertise your start up!

FB: 13bendsdesignandcartoon

Words: Paul Chapman
Illustration: Kelly Bond13-bends-logo